Two great scifi classics put together (and much more)!

From a very young age, I learned to love Star Trek on television.  In college, I fell in love with Star Wars.  This young lady, MALICIOUS COSPLAY, has the best of both worlds!

star wars trek

Sporting the Leia earphone buns and carrying a Chewbacca styled tribble, she rocks the short skirted Trekkie uniform with the rebel symbol!  But, if you think this is the only crossover she can rock, you are wrong.

( Top Left pic by Hero Hotties; Bottom left pic by U.V.Photography; and right pic by Cyberhead Designs )

The warrior remixes are popular these days and I don’t usually showcase them, but this Vanellope Warrior cosplay I though was worth a look.  And the pics by these excellent photographers add so much to the cosplay!

Another great crossover cosplay showing off a little Sailor Moon with a touch of the Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball!

Not a crossover, but a great adaptation of dark deity Link!

warrior Daisy malicious cosplay

Another warrior adaptation; This time Daisy!


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