Steampunk Bollywood!

Always on the lookout for original cosplays and crossovers here at cosplay originals and it makes our heart skip a beat or two when we find them.  It’s no different with this unique mixture of the scifi infused steampunk genre and the grace, flash and elegance of Bollywood.

Ariel Dixon AKA Makeup Siren has made a habit of mixing the traditions in amazing ways.

She’s also very prolific on Deviantart as well as

Enjoy a few of her originals and make sure and go check out her pages!


She also cosplayed an original character created by Phil Lee McCall

Nasrian Kaur: the Blood Lioness of the God Gates series!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Niki Marie says:

    Omg the best crosscosplay i have seen in a while! Well done💖👏👏👏👏cant wait to see more!


    1. bdc17 says:

      We loved it too! Right now we’re working on kids with great starts in cosplay!


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