Centaur Cosplays!

We’re back!  Ever perusing the net for the greatest crossover cosplays, we continue on in our never sleeping vigil looking for the most original designs in the cosplay culture!

And do we have an original for you today!  I’ve seen a multitude of centuar cosplays and, although I appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that are poured into such an impossible endeavor, I’ve never really seen many that catch my attention beyond the ‘WOW!  That’s a centaur!’.

But let me introduce HANE COSPLAY from Shreveport, Louisiana.  I have to say that I’m a sucker for detail and her centaur cosplay struck me as highly detailed and original.

Cosplaying as Lunara of Heroes of the Storm, she really shows a dedication to the original character and adds a lot to the centaur look that many miss.

It’s obvious that she carries her cosplay dedication into every cosplay she undertakes.

She notes that she was inspired by another cosplayer, Little Sparkz Cosplay, and I can see why!  Also nice detail that just surpasses the normal centaur cosplays!

I also found some great centaur cosplays of Hecarim of League of Legends!

(Cosplayers: RB Cheng and destinyarchon)

As an honorable mention, I thought this youtube presentation of a centaur was very good!



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