The future of Cosplaying: PART ONE

Yes, I believe the children are our future and, NO, I’m not going to burst out into song!

But my heart does sing when I see pictures of kids cosplaying and enjoying going to conventions.  That is something that wasn’t around when I was a kid.  I mean, cosplaying for me as a young boy was simply grabbing one of mom’s bed sheets and heading for the roof!  I know!  I’m old!  But that withstanding, I celebrate every time I see the young share in the cosplay culture that abounds now and allows them to celebrate their favorite fandoms.

I especially love seeing them with their parents ( I mean, how else are they getting to the cons?).  PARENTING DONE RIGHT pics are some of my faves.  But as my experience with cosplay and its culture deepens, I have found a handful of kids that have a leg up, as they say.  These kids could very well be the future of cosplay because they have awesome parents and grandparents and, thus, have great role-models and cosplay mentors!

I’ve reached out to several of these parents and grandparents, with limited response.  But the answers I did get moved me.


The first responder was a young mother that I have showcased on Cosplay Originals before.  Dominique Sky caught my attention with her amazingly eye catching ‘Dark Leia’ cosplay seen below!


But it didn’t take me long to see a young future cosplayer in training just beginning to blossom.  Her extremely young daughter was already going to conventions and sharing cosplays with mom at the age of 1!  Their first opportunity to cosplay together came in 2014.

Of all the positives, top on Dominique’s list is “Bonding. Spending time with your child and incorporating them in something you love is something I can not recommend enough.”

“She meets people of different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc and respects them all. She knows her characters, and it’s too cute to see her geek out over Star Wars Cosplayers and such. Whenever we stay at a hotel, she gets in her stroller and says “Let’s Go!” Even though it’s 10 PM and we’re all in pjs, she KNOWS we’re going to a con soon. She looks forward to it, and babbles on and on in her toddler talk about everything she saw.”

I can imagine the influence of the con community on such a young life.  I know it was quite an experience when this old man start frequenting them and supporting cosplay.  But, with all the positives, there are some drawbacks.

“Terrible Twos are Terrible. There is no stopping a tantrum, and it can be pretty embarrassing. They want you to buy every toy at the con, and can get loud about it. Nap time is hell, juggling feeding/changing/entertaining and potty training while still posing for pics is a struggle. She’ll pull off wigs, lose props, remove armor, close her eyes or turn away when she’s over posing for pics, and there ain’t a thing I can do about it.”

I really commend her for taking on such a daunting challenge.  It’s so easy for us, as parents, to include the kids due to inconvenience.  But it’s also very important to introduce them to the things that we love!


“But I wouldn’t change it for the world. She has come a long way, and now that she is 3 she knows the drill and so do I. We buy cheap mystery toys and pack them as well as snacks, water, and lolipops to reward her for good behavior, or to give her a cheap toy vs paying $20 for a stuffed lama. We’ve got this system down pat .”


(This photo is property of Zelements )

Good advice for any of you parents wondering how it would work with a young child!  AND if you would like to meet Dominique Sky and her amazing 3 year old, here’s  a list of the next conventions they will be attending:

South Texas Gamers Expo
Alamo City Comic Con

South Texas Collectors Expo

And, as always, in case you haven’t caught it yet, the place to keep up with all things DOMINIQUE SKY is HERE!

She also admins MOMMY AND ME COSPLAY and can also be found on INSTAGRAM


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