An ‘Ultimate’ crossover (among others)!

Now, it’s no secret that I’m an old school wrestling fan from the 70s on.  So, when I saw this cosplay, I did a double take.   Also considering that I am always on the hunt for original crossover cosplays, and I was totally taken with this marvelous bit of imaginative art!

The cosplayer’s name is Steggy Stardust.  A name, of course, alluding to the recently passed master of space odyssey rock himself, David Bowie.


So, Steggy already had my attention and admiration.  But look at this cosplay…


To some, it would be confusing and insane.  To me, it is a bit of magic and a lot of creativity.  The Ultimate Warrior was an a American Icon in wrestling during the 80s.  He was a sporadic contender and an enigma in the ring.  And, at times, he was incomprehensible on the mic.  But that didn’t matter.  He was a phenomenon.  A force of nature that mesmerized a generation almost to the degree Hulk Hogan did.


Although, in the pic, he is wearing the World Heavyweight title, he is known for being one of the greatest Intercontinental champions in the WWE of all time!  So, it was the title around ULTIMATE WARIO’S waist that tipped me off to the great crossover!


Thus we have this marvelous mashup of the Ultimate Warrior and Mario’s nemesis, Wario!  But it doesn’t stop there.  Steggy’s burst of genius wasn’t a singularity!  Her love of wrestling bleeds through in, not only, the Wario mashup, but a great She Hulk Hogan and a Finn Balor/Harley QUinn crossover!!


We look forward to any other crossovers, wrestling or otherwise, that Steggy Stardust has to share in the given future!


Check out her TWITTER

AND don’t forget her INSTAGRAM!


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