Who the Fett?

Ok, couldn’t help myself, sorry.

But, to be sure, this Boba Fett/Doctor Who crossover totally caught my eye.  I’m always on the look out for unique cosplays that show a creative stretch and true knowledge of many fandoms.  And this cosplay by Sterling Arts and Design is just that.


And, once I started looking through the pictures on Sterling Arts Facebook page, I realized that I was dealing with more than just a cosplay artist (which is nothing to sneeze at when you find a good one).  Besides his venture into crossovers with Boba Fett which include the Doctor Who version and one he calls Disco Fett (pictured above), he is also an accomplished artist who likes to dabble in crossovers and unique pictures across many genres.

He has a whole group of pics he calls Macro Photography of which he does shoots with action figures.  I’ve tried to venture into this type of work.  It isn’t easy, but he does some good work.


By the way, the HE mentioned above is Christian Hegg and he has also began to dabble in Photoshop and creating distinctive pieces of composite art.  If you peruse his timeline, you will see this ability to move in and out of fandoms creating crossover art and bring his slightest whim of imagination to life.

But today, mainly, I celebrate his creative imagination with the art of cosplay crossover.  Talking with Christian, it seems he has more Boba Fett crossovers coming.  He is also working on a ‘post apocalyptic Green Lantern cosplay’ as well as ‘adding another character’ to the Mario/Thor mashup he’s been doing (see below pictured with the voice of Mario).


“I like to be creative and try new things, including doing movie posters for video game movies and comic book characters that maybe someday we’ll see”


“I think overall, it’s just testing the waters of each new endeavor and pushing and challenging myself creatively. I have a lot of ideas and trying to find a platform for all of them is chaotic but a blast.”

And I leave you with his gender-bend of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the World and a cool DC Vigilante cosplay.


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