Emerald Empress shines for Anniversary!


Fifty years ago this year, the Legion of Super-Heroes saw the start of a devastating rivalry.  The Fatal Five, five of their most vile villains of that time, were brought together by the greatest heroes of the 31st Century to aid them in destroying the dreaded SUN EATER!  In Adventure Comics #352 all the way back in 1967, the Emerald Empress, Mano, The Persuader,Validus,and led by Tharok aided then turned on the Legion to malign them many times over.  They, in turn, became one of the LSH’s most dreaded foes.


Almost in celebration, DC has ‘REBIRTHED’ the Emerald Empress as a part of a godlike group of villains that make the Fatal Five look like amateur hour.  See her in the ongoing title, Justice League vs Suicide Squad.

Now, I don’t usually see a lot of Legion of Super-Heroes cosplayed because of the tragic way DC has handled them in the last 20-30 years.  But they’re out there.  If any of you happen upon any, let me know!

Point in case, Shiva aka Diamond Dust Cosplay gives this amazing Emerald Empress cosplay from Dragoncon 2015.  So, in honor of the 50th anniversary of her appearance, I give you the Emerald Empress!  I was sorry to not find ANY cosplays of the other members of the FATAL FIVE!


I was also pleased to find a couple of other cosplays by Shiva of actual Legionaries; Shadow Lass and Triplicate Girl.


Make sure and show this Cosplay Original some cosplay love!!








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